What kind of data I will get

Qard offers a straightforward approach to collecting and coordinating various types of data (such as legal, financial, commercial, etc.) from customers. It mainly focuses on french market. The collected data can be accessed easily regardless of its origin. Qard supports multiple providers. Each provider stands for separate data sources used for given integration.

Each of the providers supports number of data types. Each data type represents business data you can collect from your users. Basic data is collected directly from the data connections linked to the user, while insights are calculated from the Basic data to provide more comprehensive overview. Data types can be dependent on one another.

You can select which data type you are interested in and based on that the corresponding data will be retrieved using the Qard.

Input data definition

In order to run this integration , the following information must be provided by a customer

  • Siren number
  • Name of organization

Output data

In response, you will receive detailed information on customer based on the data types you selected