Identity Card Verification

What kind of data I will get

By using this integration, you can check the correctness of the identity data provided by customer in the identity cards registry which is a public registry having information about all polish identity cards.

In response, you will receive a flag telling you if the data provided in the input are correct and exist in registry.


    "firstName": "Jan",
    "secondName": "Maria",
    "surnameFirstPart": "Kowalski",
    "surnameSecondPart": "Herbut",
    "pesel": "07061552938",
    "idCardSeriesAndNumber": "YTT107024",
    "productionDate": "2014-09-24",
    "expirationDate": "2024-09-24",

Mandatory fields:

  • firstName

  • surnameFirstPart

  • pesel

  • idCardSeriesAndNumber

  • productionDate

  • expirationDate

Optional fields:

  • secondName

  • surnameSecondPart

Response Content

Table 1. krd.idCardVerification




Indicates whether the id card is valid or not

Example response

    "krd": {
        "idCardVerification": {
            "isValid": true
    "rawResponses": {
        "krd": {
            "idCardVerification": "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" standalone=\"yes\"?><ns4:IDCardResponse xmlns=\"\" xmlns:ns6=\"\" xmlns:ns5=\"\" xmlns:ns7=\"\" xmlns:ns2=\"\" xmlns:ns4=\"\" xmlns:ns3=\"\"><ns4:IsValid>true</ns4:IsValid></ns4:IDCardResponse>"

Sandbox test input

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