Production setup

In order to go live with your integration, it is required that you go through the previous steps.

Get access to production

To get access to production you need to create account on production environment and send us an email to [email protected]. This time, you also need to provide the address that your web app is hosted at. In order to meet EU regulations, we will have to verify your company in publicly available databases and registries. This requires no action from you and usually takes only a few hours. After that, we will get back to you with a complete production pack.

Checklist before going live


  1. Check if the connection with your web app is secure. You can always do that by verifying your browser's address bar.

Padlock in you browser's address bar means you connection is secure.

  1. Make sure you test your integration in our sandbox environment and check if everything runs smoothly.

  2. Make sure your app's hosting address is exactly the same as the one you provided us with.

If you're ready to flip the switch...

... all you need to do is:

  • Replace the sandbox script you've received previously with the production script.
  • Change the API keys to production keys (only if you're using the backend API)
  • Change the API address (only if you're using the backend API)


Please note: after completing the above steps you will be getting access to sensitive consumer data of your customers

Make sure to manage and utilise them with due care and caution.

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