Running Workflow

The Workflows API enables the initiation of workflows that do not involve integrations requiring interaction with the end user, such as scanning documents or completing forms. All necessary data for the execution of the process can be provided through input parameters.

Flow overview


Create Case

The initial step is to create a case, which represents an individual who will go through the workflow.

During case creation, you can provide additional data such as first name, last name, number, or company name. These details can be utilized when executing tasks in the workflow. This step must be carried out on your backend server.

Please ensure that you create a Case for every new end user, as it acts as their representation within the system. For returning users, you can utilize the previously created Case to streamline the process.

Create Parameters (optional)

The second step involves passing custom parameters to the workflow if the process requires it. Configuration of this should be done from the dashboard.

Run Workflow

Next, we can initiate the workflow by providing the workflowDefinitionId, caseId, and optional parametersId.

Check Workflow Status

The workflow result will only be available upon its completion. To check if the workflow has finished, one can implement long polling and periodically check its status through an API or receive a webhook with information about the completed process.

Get Workflow Result

Upon receiving confirmation that the workflow has finished, you can then fetch the result of the process. The specific outcome of the process is contingent upon its individual configuration.

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