How it works?

Build your digital onboarding journey in minutes, not days.

TransactionLink takes the heavy lifting out of integrating with and orchestrating of different KYC, AML, database and registry providers to build your digital onboarding journey.

  • Our no-code builder (private beta) lets you orchestrate multiple providers together to build and update your onboarding journeys in realtime without engineering effort.
  • Embed our white-labeled onboarding widget on your website for your end-users to start verifying themselves.
  • The dashboard keeps you updated on the performance of your onboarding journey and helps you to manage and evaluate your cases.


How to build your digital onboarding journey with TransactionLink

  1. Get in touch with us about your digital onboarding needs.
  2. We will work with you to build out your digital onboarding journey.
  3. Embed our snippet on your website.
  4. Go live, start sending your users through your new onboarding flow to get verified.


More conversions with a customisable, white-labeled onboarding experience

We help you build your onboarding journey fast without heavy engineering effort and that includes the frontend — the onboarding experience your users go through to get verified.

We do this via an embeddable widget on your website, which provides a unified interface for all the different services and providers integrated with your onboarding journey. This is also fully white-labeled and customisable to provide a secure and seamless experience for your end-users.



Regardless of the provider, every App follows the same style and can be custom tailored to your brand for a seamless experience.


Get the data you need for your app

The diagram below shows how the data gets to your app.


Feed your system with our unified flow of data. Integrate once and switch the providers how many times you wish.

First steps are easy and it only gets easier after this.

In the next section, you can see how it's like to get started working with TransactionLink.

What’s Next