How it works

No popups. No redirects. No conversion rate drops.

TransactionLink provides you with a widget you can embed on your website. It's the gateway between the end-users and all the FinTech Apps you'll connect through the TransactionLink Appstore.

The Apps are displayed in the widget in a unified, white-label environment, to provide a seamless experience for your customers. End-users can easily interact with tens of different Apps in one flow without the need to switch contexts.

We designed TransactionLink to offer your customers one UI, regardless of the Apps you decide to use in the flow.

Regardless of the provider, every App follows the same styleRegardless of the provider, every App follows the same style

Regardless of the provider, every App follows the same style

Widget is not the only way

You might find yourself building for a use case that does not require a widget at all. Some of those cases may include:

  • Verifying user's credit history at a credit bureau or a public registry;
  • Scanning user's profile using AML capabilities;
  • Calculating user's credit score or label their transaction data;
    ... and many many more

If that is the case for your project, you can still use TransactionLink to seamlessly integrate exactly the Apps you need through our Rest API.

First steps are easy and it only gets easier after this.

In the next section, you'll see how to use your first App from Transactionlink Appstore in just under 20 minutes. Once you connect for the first time, every integration that follows will be even easier.