Data Ninja

Data Ninja provides transactions labeling, credit scoring and behavioural profile

How does it work?

Data Ninja integration requires input data in the form of a bank's list transactions (data from AIS/PSD2) which is then analyzed by a data categorization engine. This data is later used to fuel the credit scoring model. A credit score is a numerical value that evaluates the financial well-being of your customer. Based on that, you can decide whether to, for example, grant a loan or at which rate. The average time of AIS/PSD2 data analysis by the engine is 1240 ms
This application contains scoring, behavioural profiling and labeling modules.

Required applications

For the correct operation of the every Data Ninja module , you will need an enabled and configured TransactionLink AIS
By using these modules, you can get the following information:
  • Data categorization
  • Behavioural profile of the customer
  • Income identification
  • Identification of liabilities
  • Identification of identity
  • Analysis of purchases from the competition
  • Subscription list
  • Geolocation of the purchases