Here are the methods available in our JavaScript API


Make TransactionLinks widget reveal itself.;


Hide TransactionLink widget.



Listen to TransactionLink widget ready event.

_t10l.ready(function() {;


Listen to TransactionLink widget events.

_t10l.on('aisIdentityConfirmed', function() {
   alert('Looks like you verified your identity with your bank account!');


  1. Event name - you can check available widget core events here. Please note, that each App has its own widget events, which you can find in the App's documentation.
  2. Callback - function you want to execute after the event occurs.

Navigate to App

Make TransactionLink widget display the App you want.



  1. App name - unique for each App. To check available App names, go to FinTech Appstore part of the documentation.

Navigate to page

There are cases when you need a little bit more flexibility.
TransactionLink widget can display a custom page inside itself to provide you with any custom functionality you'd need.

const myCustomPage = [
    {component: 'h1', text: 'Choose the method you\' want to identify yourself with'},
    {component: 'button', text: 'Bank',action: {type: 'navigateToApp', app: 'aisIdentityConfirmation'}},
    {component: 'button', text: 'ID Scan', action: {type: 'navigateToApp', app: 'idScanning'}}


  1. Page - an array of components.

Prevent user from closing the widget

Sometimes you want to make sure the user will continue the flow via the TransactionLink widget.
To achieve this you might want to use the methods below:


Add custom css

Add your stylesheet to the widget shadowdom


Reset the state

This method comes in handy when you're testing your frontend integration. Calling it will result in total reset of the widget state. This includes customerId and partyId.


Set test set (available only on sandbox)

Sometimes you need consistent data in your tests. We've prepared 5 test data sets shared among all Apps.

_t10l.setTestSet(4); // from 0 to 4

In the open banking AIS identity verification you can use logins below to use the same data sets:

  1. kamiltumulec
  2. mareklewandowski
  3. jankowalski
  4. annanowak