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Learn how to make your first workflow using TransactionLink API

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How to create your first workflow?

In this guide, you'll learn how to use our widget and run your first workflow.


Graphical builder is still under development, so you need to contact our team to configure the workflow. Then, we will create a workflow for you with selected integrations in your workspace. Create an account and feel free to send a message to us at [email protected]. Be sure to include the workspace name and the environment 🤓.


Step 1: Create a workspace

  • Create account in dashboard
  • Go to
  • Click the "Workspaces +" button.
  • Give your workspace a name and description
  • Click "Create" button to create the workspace.
  • In the next steps we will go through the integration process



Step 2: Configure integrations


The Configuration section is temporarily unavailable

We've temporarily disabled the Configuration section in the dashboard while we are preparing to launch a new version of the dashboard. Please write us at [email protected] if you need help meanwhile.

  • Select the workspace
  • Go to the configuration section
  • Enable TL AIS Integration
  • Select the configuration. More on this, you can find in the section related to the specific application.
  • Give your workspace a name and description
  • Click the "Save" button
  • If you already have a configured widget, clear the browser cache before testing



Step 3: Add widget to your site

To allow your customers to interact with your workflow, you need to put our embeddable widget in your web application. You can find a complete tutorial with ready-made code snippets which will guide you through the process of launching the widget on the website step by step.


Step 4: Configure webhook

To receive information about the process progress and result data, you have to define a webhook URL (HTTP service) to which TransactionLink will send the events.

How to configure Webhook:

  • Inside Dashboard, in the Integration tab, click Add webhook
  • Define the URL of your service that will receive the data
  • Click Add to save it



Test it with ngrok

If you don't have a service accessible from a public network to receive data, we can recommend using ngrok, which is a reverse proxy fronting web service. Ngrok is the fastest way to put your app on the internet.




Step 5: Get the output after receiving the webhook notification

After the process ends, you should receive the data described below on your webhook address.
This notification is necessary to retrieve the result of your workflow.

  "partyId" : "33e35574-6a97-4e93-94ee-2f28ab3c97c7",
  "workflowId" : "cd1c4384-bb5b-4483-8974-d8b3ef935843",
  "workflowReferenceName" : "70953b16-704a-43a7-b9d0-6cb7d63e491c",
  "workflowStatus" : "COMPLETED",
  "workspaceId" : "aebf8333-5b3e-4840-92dc-f4c8c2c56051"

To get process results, you have to call TransactionLink service Get the output of specific workflow using workflowReferenceName, partyId and workflowId from webhook event data.

    "ais": {
        "identity": {
            "firstName": "Anna",
            "lastName": "Nowak",
            "personalIdentityNumber": "81021118350",
            "personAddresses": {
                "registry": {
                    "city": "Pcim",
                    "country": "Poland",
                    "postalCode": "32-432",
                    "street": "Pcim 143"
            "citizenship": "Poland",
            "gender": "M",
            "birthDate": "1981-02-11",
            "resourceType": "PERSON"
        "accounts": [
                "id": "ad09b363-8614-4b4a-820a-e9f325043932",
                "number": "PL28114020040000330279698727",
                "name": "Konto Firmowe",
                "openedAt": "2017-10-15T15:26:26.752Z",
                "currency": "PLN",
                "availableBalance": 18965887,
                "bookingBalance": 18965887,
                "overdraftLimit": 0,
                "bic": "IEEAPLPAXXX",
                "bankName": "Idea Bank S.A.",
                "transactions": [
                        "id": "e2867fc8-fddf-4157-ab64-aba306e9674e",
                        "accountId": "ad09b363-8614-4b4a-820a-e9f325043932",
                        "amount": 7795,
                        "currency": "PLN",
                        "title": "Faktura za wynajem",
                        "tradedAt": "2022-04-20T19:47:12.966Z",
                        "status": "DONE",
                        "accountNumber": "PL28114020040000330279698727",
                        "description": "additional info",
                        "bookedAt": "2022-04-20T19:47:12.966Z",
                        "counterpartyAccount": "PL23116022600319418058981335",
                        "counterpartyName": "Sklep Alexander",
                        "counterpartyBic": "IEEAPLPAXXX",
                        "counterpartyBankName": "Bank Millenium SA",
                        "category": "TRANSFER",
                        "postTransactionBalance": 6613.29


Step 6: Getting started completed

Congratulations! You just finished your first integration with TransactionLink.


What’s Next

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