Getting started

TransactionLink offers solutions to creating end-to-end digital onboarding journeys with minimal engineering effort.

Before you can start integrating with TransactionLink, you will need to have at least one workflow ready and created by us. You will then need to setup your API keys, generate a workflow token and implement a code snippet to trigger the onboarding widget.

To start onboarding real users, you need to get in touch with us to activate production access.

What is a workflow?

Your digital onboarding journey is made up of one or more workflows. Our workflows are come with a white-labelled frontend so you can get started onboarding users in the shortest time. Generally, most onboarding journeys consist of only one workflow. If you have more complex cases, such as splitting your onboarding into multiple user journeys (e.g. advanced verification for higher transaction volume), your onboarding journey will consist of multiple workflows.

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Step 1: Getting sandbox access and your first workflow

If you do not have one yet, you will need to get in touch with us. Our team will work with you to understand your onboarding needs and help you craft the most suitable workflow.

You will receive sandbox access to our dashboard.


No-code workflow builder coming soon

We are working on a no-code workflow builder that will let you create and manage your onboarding journeys without complex engineering effort.


Step 2: Create your first workspace

When you log in to our dashboard for the first time, you will be prompted to create your first sandbox workspace.

A workspace is its own universe of workflows and the associated end-users who go through the workflows.



Step 3: Wait for your first workflow to be created

Our team will start preparing your first workflow after you've created your first workspace. This may take up to a few days. We will notify you once this is done so you can continue with integration.


Step 4: Get your API credentials

Each workspace comes with a pair of API keys — a publishable client-side key and a secret server-side key. You can find these in the "Settings" section in our dashboard.

For security reasons, you'll need to generate the secret key the first time. You can view the secret key only once after generation so please make sure to store it somewhere safe.


Step 5: Generate workflow token

A workflow token is required to start a workflow. This is generated with the help of your API credentials. We have included a helpful recipe below to show you how to generate the workflow token.


Step 6: Install the TransactionLink widget

To allow your end-users to go through your digital onboarding journey, you need to install our snippet in your web application. The below recipe shows you step-by-step how to integrate our snippet on to launch the onboarding widget.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated your TransactionLink onboarding journey into your website / app.



You can also configure a webhook URL to receive data about the workflow process and results from us. Webhooks can be configured in the "Settings" page in the dashboard. See our Webhooks documentation for more details.

What’s Next

There's plenty more you can do with Transactionlink