Behavioural profile categorized on the basis of banking data

How does it work?

This app uses a categorisation system from DataNina to let you build comprehensive customer profiles based on transactions, subscriptions or even geolocation data. Trained on over 60M transactions, the system will help you assess the risk, identify loyal customers or even provide information about purchases at your competition. Data Ninja Profiling module requires input data in a list of bank transactions (data from AIS/PSD2) which is then analysed and categorised. Then, based on tagged data, you receive a detailed profile of your customer.

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Information contained in the customer profile:

  • Has a car
  • Has children
  • Leads to an entertaining lifestyle
  • He plays sports
  • Spends on health
  • It is being recovered
  • Get insured
  • Saves
  • Has its real estate

Income identification with source identification

  • Contract of employment
  • Civil law contracts
  • ZFŚS
  • Bonuses
  • Rental income
  • Revenue from invoices

Identification of social benefits:

  • 500 +
  • Alimony
  • Labor Office
  • KRUS - allowance
  • ZUS - allowance
  • Pension
  • Pension
  • Social assistance benefits

Identification of liabilities

  • Loan lists
  • Banking
  • Non-banking
  • List of companies for which it was made loan application with application identification by transfer.
  • Tag if the user has: a credit card, bank loan, non-bank instalment loan, momentary

The service also can configure additional profiles based on customer requirements. Contact us at [email protected] if you want a custom configuration.

Response content:

         "whenSpendMoney":"middle of month"