Polish White List (taxpayers registry)

The Polish White List is an important tool that allows taxpayers to verify information concerning their counter-parties at a given date. All B2B (business to business) transactions exceeding 15,000 PLN (3282 euro) have to be verified by White List. This is a condition to have a right to deduct the VAT for B2B Transactions.

The List allows for more than hundreds of queries per day without any limit. It returns the relevant data in JSON format ( NIP number (VAT number) of Company for the given bank account)

The White List is updated on working days once every 24 hours.

Information featured in the list includes:

  • The number used to identify the taxpayer for tax purposes
  • Full name of the taxpayer The address of the taxpayer’s
  • Place of business or the address of their principal place of business
  • The address of the registered office for taxpayers who are not natural persons

Connect with the registry of taxpayers to get data about companies.

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